Electric Motors


Electric motors are machines used to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy; they are used mainly in the Oil Industry, since they combine the advantages of electric energy, which is low cost, clean energy, ease of transport, and the simplicity of commissioning the equipment, with a relatively simple construction, and good adaptation to the most diverse types of load. Depending on the voltage source supplied to the motor, the motors are classified into: direct current (DC) motors and alternating current (AC) motors which are divided into single-phase and three-phase motors.

For many years, Aziolarefin has been fully endorsed by the most famous engine and electric motor manufacturers in the world, including: Siemens, Weg, Baldor Motors and Drives, Marathon Electrics, General Electric; Given that advantageous support we can offer a wide variety of engines to cover all the needs and applications of the industry, including requirements for offshore operations, refining plants, chemical and petrochemical plants, handling systems, transportation , Treatment and storage of crude and products, for pumping, compression, propulsion and many other applications. Our equipment complies with the strictest safety standards to operate on site in aggressive environments or with high risk potential, such as shipyards, ports and multiple naval and port applications, food, chemical, petrochemical, petroleum, and cosmetic industries. Electric Motors can function perfectly under extreme environmental conditions and are designed and standardized for each of these environments, giving a high reliability.