What We Do

Briefing our Services

Aziolarefin counts with an extensive variety of services, on which you can get more details in the upcoming sections


Our personnel is available 24/7

QA/QC Department

We will ensure all customer requirements are met. Formal meetings are held regularly to improve the service to our clients


Aziolarefin facilitate all kind of inspections by any notified company

Global supplier

Aziolarefin supplies to private and national oil companies as well as refineries worldwide.


Aziolarefin has staff entirely dedicated to overseeing client contracts, tracking, supplier contacts and delivery.

Transport & Logistics

Aziolarefin provides reliable and economical logistic solutions including land trucking, rail transportation, and ocean freight.

More Services

Machine Shops

  • Reface all kinds of cylinder heads
  • Rectify, Skim Brake disc's
  • Rectify, face Brake Drums
  • Shortening a/o extension of universal shafts
  • Repacing Universal Joint Assembly by cutting & welding
  • Fabrication by machining of any kinds of bushings, steel, brass, etc.
  • Fabrication by machining of any kinds of pins
  • Fabrication by machining of solid shafts
  • Fabrication by machining of special bolts, anchor bolts, nipples, couplers
  • Balancing of Rotors, Impellers, Propellers, Blowers & Force draft Fans
  • Threading of pipes any size up to 24" capabilities
  • Drilling of metals on radial drill presses.
  • Fabrication by milling of steel a/o brass gears.
  • Fabrication of sprockets and pulleys
  • Cut Key ways and make new keys
  • Cut splines on shafts
  • Bending of steel plates and pipes
  • Straightening of shafts

Conventional NDT Services

Aziolarefin's personnel is highly skilled, experienced, motivated, qualified and certified in accordance with international certification schemes in the conventional techniques that have underpinned the NDT industry from its earliest days [e.g. PCN (EN 473/ IS0 9712), ANSI CP-189 and SNT-TC 1A].

Advanced NDT Services

We can provide a full range of services in the field of advanced NDT through our network of global expertise, international experience and local delivery. All of our operators are qualified and certified and can perform inspections under any international code, standard or customer specification.

Other specialties like:

  • Remetal & maching of Babbit Bearings
  • Boring & Drilling work with Large Horizontal Boring Mill with a capacity up to 60” Diameter.
  • Carousel Vertical Milling machining work (Capacity 54" Diam.) 4. Pump Repairs
  • Boiler Repairs
  • Certified by DTI for gas pipe lines and fixtures
  • Exchangers a/o Condenser repairs & re-tubing
  • Fiber glass and Belzona repairs
  • Tank Repairs, large diameter and medium size 10. Tank Painting.
  • R-Stamp Repairs (expired)

Valve Shops

  • Valve Repair Work ( Safety Valves & Gate Valves up to size 36” )
  • Automotive and Diesel mechanic works
  • Industrial Sandblasting and Painting
  • Heavy Equipment rental work

API Inspections Services

The American Petroleum Institute (API) establishes standards that are applied internationally within the Oil and Gas Industry and are designed to help users improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their operations, comply with legislative and regulatory requirements and safeguard health, ensure safety and protect the environment. Aziolarefin works under these standards to enhance the efficiency and value of its API inspection services and to ensure the safety of all the personnel involved in API-related work activities. Specifically, Aziolarefin has expertise and experience in the main 3 API standards that are most applicable to the daily operations of our clients: API 510, API 570 and API 653.

Welding Shops

  • Pipe Welding & Fabrication
  • Stainless Steel Welding & Fabrication
  • Aluminum Welding & Fabrication
  • Alloy Welding, chrome, HK40, etc with many WPS
  • General Structural Steel Welding
  • Code Welding and R-Stamp certified

Our Services in the Oil & Gas Sector

  • Oil Refineries – Inspections/Certifications/Audits/Consultancy.
  • Onshore & Offshore - Oil Tankers/ Ships/ Vessels/Barges/Gas Carriers Inspections.
  • Heavy Equipment Inspections & Industry - Trucks/Trailers/Buses/Mini Lorry.
  • Mobile Cranes All Types/Derrick Cranes/Gantry in Ports/Tower Cranes/& Others Types.
  • Lorry Loaders/Boom Trucks/Forklifts/Man Lifts/Excavators/Loaders & Others.
  • Lifting Man Baskets/Concrete Baskets/Buckets/Sand Baskets & Others.
  • Pressure Vessels/Boiler Inspections.
  • Pipeline Inspections - In Service/In Maintenance.
  • Sand Blasting Inspections.
  • Painting & Coating Inspections.
  • Oil Rigs - Erections & Commissioning Inspections.
  • Pre Shipments & Post Shipment Material Inspections.
  • Cargo & Container Inspections.
  • Petrochemical - Industrial Lubes/Lubricants & Chemicals.
  • Elevators/Lift Inspections Inside Oil Refineries.
  • Scaffolding Inspections.
  • Construction & Civil Engineering Works Inspections.
  • Electrical Inspections/Thermography/Control Panels Inspections/Electronic Inspections.
  • Fire Alarms & Safety Inspections.
  • Fire Pumps & Fire Fighting Inspections.
  • Factory certification by qualified inspectors to certify quality and proper management system, sustainable environmental management, social responsibility and health & safety.